About Us

The Business started back in 1994. Originally most of the time was spent repairing telephones and fax machines. Before long we started installing and maintaining phone systems for businesses and this has remained the main part of the business to date. Specialising in the sale, supply, installation and ongoing maintenance of Panasonic and Siemens telephone systems but also being prepared to take on administration and maintenance work on other brands for customers who no longer have support from their original suppliers.

Computer network cabling has also become a major part of our business. When to use category 5 cabling started to be a popular method of networking computers it also became the obvious choice for connecting the telephones. Installing one structured cabling system that can be used for both phones and computers gives increased flexibility by allowing the customer to easily make any socket in their premises either a computer socket or a phone socket and also giving them the ability to move a phone from one location to another whilst keeping its setup and extension number the same.

We now also offer fibre optical cable installation. Fibre optical cable is used on larger sites typically where there may be more than one building that needs to share the same computer network.

Most of our customers are based in Lincoln and Lincolnshire but we also have customers in Leicestershire, Norfolk, Nottinghamshire London Gateshead and Yorkshire.

The Telecommunications business has become more complicated in recent years with a far greater choice of carriers for your calls, some who want to tie you into a contract, some have a built in call allowance, some offer capped calls and others simply charge you for what you use. Not only can you chose between carriers that are accessible from your BT line, Depending on your geographical location you could have lines provided by NTL or Kingston Communications. Even if you are in a location that is only served by BT you can make calls Via the internet using a VOIP provider. Most phone systems have a feature called Least Cost Routing or LCR which will route your calls via the cheapest carrier depending on the number that you dialled and the time of the day.