Telephone System

Panasonic TEA308

Panasonic TEA308

An ideal simple system for the small business with upto 3 analogue phone lines and upto 8 users. It's a Hybrid system so each extension port can support either an analogue phone or a proprietry system phone. Also available is the KX-TES824 which supports upto 8 lines and 24 extensions although when a business is large enough to require a system of this size it usually will benefit from the features available from a more advanced system.


Siemens Hipath 540 & 580

An advanced system for the small business with 2 ISDN2e phone lines. The 540 supports 8 proprietry system phones and 4 analogue phones, the 580 supports an additional 4 system phones. This system comes with voicemail and auto attendant. The use of ISDN2e lines enables each phone to have a DDI number and the system can be set up to route calls in a specified way for each extension.


Siemens Hipath 3350 & 3550

Big Brothers to the 580, Suited to businesses with 8 to 150 phones, supports 2 ISDN2e phone lines on the main unit and can be expanded by installing cards for analogue lines, analogue phones, system phones, VOIP lines or extensions and can connect to cordless phones with site wide coverage. The ideal system for a modern Business enviroment.